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Once upon a time in the land known as the United States, a man sewed a scrap of fabric to a piece of rubber and put his creation on his feet. At the time, he was not aware that he was doing something that would be considered revolutionary for many generations to come and that he had just become the father of a wonderful invention – sneakers, of course. Over 150 years later, hundreds of top brands carry on his legacy and make shoes that make the world go wild.

We collected all these wonders in a single place.

That’s how Sizeer came to pass, with all the goodies inside – kicks, sneakers, trainers and boots. A true kingdom of sneakers reigning supreme in over 100 stores located in the best shopping centres and commercial streets across Europe and at

Sizeer - Sneaker Family

Our shelves are 100% hogwash-free. We offer only top-tier streetwear, carefully selected products of the top brands in the sneaker culture, such as Nike, adidas Originals, Reebok, Converse, Vans, Puma, New Balance, ASICS, Lacoste. All the icons, famous collaborations and exclusive shoes, as well as some classics – the original yellow Premium 6 from Timberland and other models from the American brand, loved by trendsetters from the world of streetwear.

A good sneaker needs a court, like a king.

That’s why Sizeer offers some amazing clothes and accessories that will fit into the style of the city that never sleeps. Jackets, hoodies, bombers, flayers, sweatshirts, top, t-shirts, leggings – all by Nike, Confront and New Era. Just add a NE snapback, Beats headphones and Casio watch... And you’re done.

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You’re on-line 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So are we. Check out what’s going on in the sneaker kingdom and follow us on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter. New products, pre-orders, special campaigns, last minute deals and sales, and all kinds of great content that will let you keep in touch and you won’t miss a thing.

Share your story with us and become a part of the Sizeer family. Send your content at and tag it #sizeer @sizeer, when you feel like a street king or queen.

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The Sizeer kingdom has no borders... or limits.

More than 100 stores across Europe,, on-line store and SizeerClub mobile application. Limitless opportunities available to you for free. The Sizeer Ministry of Treasury takes care of your budget.

Free delivery of all orders is great, but that’s not be all and end all. We go a step further. Regardless of where you buy your favourite sneakers – on-line, in Berlin, Prague or in Dąbrowa Górnicza, you will have 30 days to get a replacement or return them in any Sizeer store. The same applies to all claims. Feel free to visit us – we are looking forward to meeting you in the best shopping centres. Or maybe you’d rather ship your sneakers to us? Don't worry, our amazing Warehouse team will take care of your package as soon as they get it. And the best thing? All of that is free, everywhere and forever.

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You value honesty and individuality. You like and appreciate creativity. During the most important events in life, you are accompanied by a tight-knit pack of friends and good music.

You have your own style – because it’s YOU.

You look for your way in the city, you breeze through life. You like jokes / and you hate lies and duplicity.

You try to look great. You like shopping and baggin’ it on Saturdays. You love unlimited choice.

The Sizeer sneaker kingdom awaits you. Choose Sizeer, my lord!

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