Privacy policy

How and why do we use cookies?

  1. Cookies are small text files commonly sent out by Internet websites and stored on the user’s terminal devices (e.g. a computer, a smartphone, a tablet etc.).
  2. An Internet website uses cookies in the following purposes:
    1. Websites’ content adaptation to the user’s preferences and website usage optimization;
    2. Creating website viewing statistics and gathering information on the way viewers use the website;
    3. holding the website user’s session.
  3. All cookies used by the website can be temporary or permanent. Temporary cookies are removed while the user closes the browser. Permanent cookies are stored, also after closing the browser, and are used for keeping information facilitating the later website entry (login, password), which accelerates the website usage. Cookies can also be used by the partners cooperating with the website.
  4. Using the website without changing the browser cookies settings means agreeing to their recording on the user’s terminal device’s memory.
  5. At every moment, there is a possibility of blocking cookies use and removing the temporary cookies using appropriate settings available in the browser. Detailed information on cookies use possibilities are usually available in the “Help” section of the browser menu.
  6. Blocking or limiting the cookies can disable the proper use of some website functionalities.